Тhe Sweetest Sleep, 2023, installation
Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia
Part of Misty with Some Smoke, group exhibition, curatоr Teodora Kotseva
The work consists of a sculpture made of donated yarn, and 12 takeaway short stories about grandmothers and their craft.
Най-сладкият сън, 2023, инсталация
Галерия Кредо Бонум, София
Част от Мъгливо с малко дим, групова изложба, куратор Теодора Коцева
Работата се състои от скулптура, изработена от дарени прежди, и 12 кратки разказа "за вкъщи" на тема бабите и техния занаят.

"My grandmother, shortly before she died, very old, told me the following - to die, she said, is pleasant, it is like lying down and falling into the sweetest sleep.
Actually, I made that up. In fact, both my grandmothers at the end of their lives kept saying the same thing: I don't feel like dying, child, I don't feel like dying..."
"My grandmother was a terrific knitter, especially of crochet lace. When she got older and felt she didn't have much left to live, she started her life's work: two large tablecloths, but super finely made, the kind with the spiral pods around the edges. One for me and one for my brother. And when they took us to see her for the last time - she's lying there motionless, curled up in a ball, almost on her way now - and they told us: say something to her, say goodbye... And I said to her: Grandma, thank you for the tablecloth! And she heard me, she moved and heard me! 
And now - kill me, but I can’t find where that tablecloth is."
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